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Ultimate Guide to the Types of Wardrobe Materials
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Standard TV Cabinet Dimensions in Malaysia: A Size Guide

TV cabinets serve as functional and stylish furniture pieces that enhance the overall look and functionality of your living room or entertainment area. When selecting a TV cabinet, it is crucial to choose the right dimensions that perfectly accommodate your television and fit seamlessly into your space.

In this article, we will explore the standard TV cabinet dimensions in Malaysia and provide you with a comprehensive size guide to assist you in making an informed decision.

Determining the Ideal TV Cabinet Size:

Before diving into the specific dimensions, it's important to understand how to choose the right TV cabinet size for your space. Consider the following factors:


  • Room size: Measure the dimensions of your room to determine the available space for the TV cabinet. Ensure there is enough room for easy movement and comfortable viewing angles.

  • TV size: Take note of the diagonal measurement of your TV screen. The TV cabinet should be wider than the TV itself, allowing for proper ventilation and accommodating other devices.

  • Viewing height: Consider the ideal height at which you prefer to watch TV. This will determine the height of the TV cabinet, ensuring a comfortable viewing experience.

Standard TV Cabinet Dimensions in Malaysia


TV cabinet width is an important factor to consider as it determines the cabinet's ability to support the TV and accommodate other devices. In Malaysia, standard TV cabinet widths usually vary from 120cm to 180cm. It's important to select a width that matches your TV or provides a comfortable fit with extra room.


The height of a TV cabinet is crucial for ensuring comfortable viewing angles and avoiding strain on your neck. Standard TV cabinet heights in Malaysia generally range from 40 cm to 70cm. It's essential to consider your eye level when seated and choose a cabinet height that positions the TV at a comfortable viewing position.


The depth of a TV cabinet determines how far the TV protrudes from the wall and how much space is available for additional devices or storage. Standard TV cabinet depths in Malaysia typically range from 30cm to 60cm. It's important to consider the depth of your TV and any additional equipment you plan to place inside the cabinet to ensure everything fits comfortably.

Popular TV Cabinet Styles and Their Dimensions

In addition to standard dimensions, TV cabinets in Malaysia come in various styles that can influence their dimensions. Here are three popular TV cabinet styles and their associated dimensions:

Modern TV Cabinets

Modern TV cabinets often feature clean lines and sleek designs. These cabinets tend to have narrower widths, ranging from 120cm to 150cm, and lower heights, typically around 40cm to 50cm. The depth of modern TV cabinets can vary, but it generally falls within the standard range of 30cm to 60cm.

Minimalist TV Cabinets

Minimalist TV cabinets emphasise simplicity and functionality. They usually have clean, uncluttered designs with understated dimensions. The widths of minimalistic TV cabinets range from 140cm to 160cm, while the heights typically range from 45cm to 60cm. The depth remains within the standard range of 30cm to 60cm.

Traditional TV Cabinets

Photo by Luis Alfredo Alvarado Guayllas on Unsplash

Traditional TV cabinets often feature ornate details, intricate carvings, and a more substantial build. These cabinets have wider widths, typically ranging from 150 cm to 180cm, to accommodate larger TVs and provide ample storage space. The heights can vary between 50cm and 70cm, while the depth remains within the standard range of 30cm to 60cm.

Custom TV Cabinet Dimensions

While standard TV cabinet dimensions are widely available, you may have specific requirements or unique room layouts that call for custom dimensions. Custom TV cabinets offer the flexibility to tailor the dimensions to your exact needs.

To create custom TV cabinet dimensions, it is advisable to work with a professional carpenter or furniture manufacturer. They will be able to understand your requirements, take accurate measurements, and craft a TV cabinet that perfectly fits your space and accommodates your TV and other devices.

Tips for Measuring TV Cabinet Dimensions

When measuring TV cabinet dimensions, it's essential to be precise and consider various factors. Here are some tips to help you measure accurately:

  • Use a measuring tape: Measure the width, height, and depth of your TV to determine the appropriate cabinet dimensions.

  • Consider clearance space: Leave some clearance space around the TV to ensure proper ventilation and access to cables and ports.  

  • Account for cable management: Consider the cables and wires that connect to your TV and other devices. Ensure the cabinet has sufficient openings or cable management solutions to keep them organised and hidden from view.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing TV Cabinet Dimensions

When selecting TV cabinet dimensions, it's important to avoid certain common mistakes that can lead to an unsatisfactory experience. Here are some mistakes to steer clear of:

  • Oversized or undersized cabinets: Choosing a TV cabinet that is either too large or too small for your TV can result in an unbalanced look or inadequate support. Always refer to the recommended dimensions for your TV and select a cabinet that provides a proper fit.

  • Ignoring cable management needs: Failing to consider the cable management requirements can lead to a messy and cluttered setup. Ensure that the cabinet has sufficient openings, compartments, or cable management solutions to keep your cables organised and out of sight.

  • Neglecting the overall room design: While focusing on the TV and cabinet dimensions, it's crucial not to overlook the overall design of the room. Ensure that the chosen cabinet dimensions complement the existing furniture, decor, and layout of the space.


1. How do you hide wires behind a TV cabinet?

There are ways to tidy up those messy wires behind your TV stand! You can bundle the cords together, tuck the power strip inside the stand, use a handy cable catch, or even hide the wires within the wall. Plus, many TV stands have neat compartments, trays, and integrated cable slots to keep your accessories organised and make finding cords a breeze.

2. What if I have a small living room? Can I still have a TV cabinet?

Yes, even if you have a small living room, you can still have a TV cabinet. Opt for a compact and space-saving design that fits well within your room's dimensions. Consider wall-mounted or corner TV cabinets to maximise space.Additionally, you can explore online furniture stores that offer minimalist designs to find the perfect TV cabinet for a small living room.

3. Can I customise the dimensions of a TV cabinet?

Yes, you can customise the dimensions of a TV cabinet to suit your specific requirements. Working with a professional carpenter or furniture manufacturer will ensure that the cabinet is tailored to your needs and space.


In conclusion, selecting the right TV cabinet in Malaysia and knowing its dimensions is crucial for creating an optimal viewing experience and a visually pleasing living space. By considering factors such as TV size, room layout, and personal preferences, you can enjoy your favourite shows and movies in style while maintaining an organised and clutter-free space. 

Standard TV Cabinet Dimensions in Malaysia: A Size Guide
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