Summer Weekend Recap No. 8 & 9

The last two weekends was about the Wisconsin State Fair, which I attended twice, & Lake Geneva for a 2 hr boat ride, breakfast and funnel cake! It was 90 degrees all weekend so I was in heaven. {Keep indulging….follow me on instagram, twitter, & pinterest}

Summer Weekend Recap No. 6

Last week Thursday, I headed to the NEWaukee Night Market held downtown with my cousin. We had fun and she bought several things from one jewelry vendor in particular. They had a hip hop DJ in the center that had the crowd into it. My only complaint is there were a bunch of beer vendors…

Summer Weekend Recap No.5

I don’t have many images again so since I didn’t do an inspiration post yesterday, I will fill this one with quotes. Friday I went to the lake to see fireworks for Festa Italiana and watched all of the party boats and speed boats cruise back down the river. It was so warm that night….