Monday Morning Inspiration 2.3.14

Love the black lighting in both kitchens… {Kitchen images via Casa Abril & Claire Stevens with photo by Toby Scott for the design files}

Monday Morning Inspiration 1.27.14

One small thing I look forward to is making hot chocolate at work. It’s something I do during cold seasons and a small thing that makes me happy. I limit myself to one cup so I really savor every sip. I gueas the same can be said for life in general. We are all busy…we’re…

Monday Morning Inspiration 1.20.14

Hope you all have a wonderful productive start to your week. Think of what you want to make your future better and start doing one thing that’ll get you to your goal daily…even if you only spend 15 mins on it.

Monday Morning Inspiration 1.13.14

We all like to buy things…some of us nicer things….some of us luxury things. Does the moment of happiness after you’ve made a purchase fade? Do you have buyer’s remorse or go back to feeling the way you felt prior to the purchase? I read an article on happiness that talked about making a point…

Monday Morning Inspiration 8.12.13

Ahhh Monday. It couldn’t be a Monday without me either sleeping through my alarm clock or my second alarm clock failing me. I set my alarm and my phone 10 mins apart. Either I fell into a deep sleep after the first went off or the second one was set for p.m. on accident but…