Tuesday’s Tips: believe and have faith

I hope you all have had a good holiday month. I will touchbase a little more deeply and share some holiday pictures from around my home soon. I’ve been thinking a lot about staying motivated and encouraged lately. Instead of a usual tip about design I figured I would provide a few quotes as reminders….

Monday Inspiration 7.6.15

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday. Thank you to those who take the time to comment. I really appreciate that. {Images via the glitter guide, domaine home, entouriste, beach & flickr} {Keep indulging….follow me on instagram, twitter, & pinterest}

Monday Morning Inspiration 6.1.15

I love art displays with mixtures of wrapped canvases and large mats. I have compiled a small collection of pictures from magazines I want to put in my closet. I find fun in thrifting pretty frames too so I can’t wait to have enough where I can start hanging them… This quote is very real…

Monday Inspiration 5.18.15

Hope you had a wonderful weekend and an awesome fresh start to another week. {Keep indulging….follow me on instagram, twitter, & pinterest}

Monday Inspiration 5.11.15 plus flamingo float giveaway winner…

Hope everybody had a wonderful weekend. The winner of Big Mouth Inc‘s pink flamingo shown above is Lindsay of Made by Mills (who has a beautiful collection of agate charms and stamped jewelry, some under $30). I will be in contact with you Lindsay to get your info. Thank you so much for those who…

Monday Morning Inspiration 4.20.15

Hope your weekend was a beautiful one. This week I have a collaboration/diy post using MagnaMagic that I can’t wait to share. I used their magnetic chalkboard paint for a client and my own home. I noticed the trees are budding here which brought a smile to my face on this gloomy cool Monday. The…

Monday Morning Inspiration 4.6.15

Thanks for your patience as I took a break for my move into my condo. Happy new beginnings! {Keep indulging….follow me on instagram, twitter, & pinterest}

Monday Morning Inspiration 3.23.15

My cousin is in Dubai right now on a much deserved vacay. It has me itching to take a little me time myself after I move next week. It’s amazing how getting away can recharge your batteries… Have you explored some place new lately? {Keep indulging….follow me on instagram, twitter, & pinterest}