Let’s try this again. Weekend plans..

Several times this week I tried blogging from my phone only for my wordpress app to have failures uploading. Usually it saves and I try again but this week none saved. I was too irritated to try reposting but I’m going to this time. Happy weekend!!! I plan on catching some zzz’s. Not sleeping in…

Just a few black and gold interior collages…

I played around and created a couple designs in the black, gold and white color scheme. I love when fireplaces are the focal point and seating doesn’t obstruct the view… I like office desk chairs that aren’t typical desk chairs (that desk is beyond gorgeous). I found those Scandal inspired pencils on Effie’s Paper. Which…

If I could change 1 thing about this otherwise perfect living room

…is that super size piece of art with the little alien eyed girl. I just don’t get it. To me it’s the focal point of the room and it shouldn’t be. It’s what I notice first and what keeps staring at me as I look around the rest of the space. {Designed by Delphine Krakoff}

Indulge Daily 5.31.13

Smoked mirrors are moody enough to fit in a masculine space but glam enough for a woman… {Designed by Todd Alexander w/photo by: Wlliam Abranowicz for Elle Decor}

Indulge Daily 2.28.13

{Designed by Peter Mikic with photography by Kate Martin for Elle Decor} What draws you to this space? For me, the lighting wins hands down. It’s a unique fixture. I also like the navy and gray and molding.

Indulge Daily 2.25.13

{via} Love this space and the staggered position of the art. {Keep indulging….follow me on instagram, twitter, & pinterest}

Indulge Daily 2.12.13

I absolutely love this living room. I tend to gravitate more toward open floor plans. However, this formal living room designed in a way that’s clean and modern without lacking the cozy comfortable feel really speaks to me. Maybe it’s the black molding and black windowsill or the use of my second favorite hue (next…