Diamond shaped shelving units..

Would you want these kind or prefer to stick with more traditional built-ins? I like these, though only for books and I like them more color coordinated. IO Metro sells a bookcase with casters that have diagonal shelving… {Images via Hello Metro, Houzz & Adore Home}

Indulge Daily 12.27.12

Victoria Hagan’s library is gorgeous. The deep rich purples mixed with the dark wood is very dramatic and I love it.

Home Library Designs…

I definitely need to step my book game up. But trust me when I do, I want built-ins devoted to them. What about a home library? You could have your own little Barnes & Noble bookstore. Adequate lighting, comfy seating, and some slick interior design would be heaven for me… In addition to the cowhide…

Bookcases vs Built-Ins….

New series where I’m having two similar things in design compete. For this one I wanted to start off with one of my favorite design obsessions: decorating with books on shelves. I like floating shelves but I also like when they’re enclosed in a case. But lately there has been some really slick built-in designs….