To view my personal design portfolio, please click HERE.

14 thoughts on “Portfolio

  1. Awesome Site!
    One of my Sisters in Christ sent me this web site.
    I’m so impress! I’m a Florida resident who enjoy decor!
    My passion is setting the dinner table.
    Keep up the great work!


  2. I have navigated several sites about homes but this is more appealing— no clutter, straight forward and having all the vital stuff any visitor would be interested in. That’s the way to go
    M.Tamale, Kampala-Uganda


  3. Thank you for pulling all of this together!! I am so inspired! I recently graduated from college and I am completely updating my first home on a budget so I’m doing everything myself. I have an obsession with pink & black! I have a pink & gray room with silver accents where possible (chandelier, knobs, ect). I’ve always enjoyed decorating, but I never thought I would obsess over a project like this. I love your site! Thank you again for inspiration!


  4. Love your blog! Oh how I adore the upholstered headboard and teal accents. Now I’m inspired to get my “DIY Diva” on. Marvelous job on the tablescape. You go girl!


  5. Great collection you have compiled! I am enthralled with anything Moorish! I recently became one of your followers on twitter @MoorishSaint. You definitely have an eye for beauty!


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