None of the content on this site, unless specifically specified, is any of my work. I will try my best to credit the site or link back to the page in which I found an image. I especially try my best to credit the designer, design firm & photographer. I recently found a great tip that if I save an image to my desktop, and upload it to google using the camera icon, it’ll tell me the exact source. I have not tried it yet but will do so in the future because sites like Tumblr make it very difficult to figure out where an image came and I want to use as much proper etiquette as I can.  If you see something sourced incorrectly or wish to have one of your images removed, please email me and I will act accordingly.

That being said, there are times in which I’m pressed for time and may say “via my Pinterest”. By no means am I trying to take credit for work, it’s simply Pinterest shows the sources and if I’ve pinned it, you can simply go there to see exactly where it’s from. Just wanted to throw that out there.

Being that I spend a bulk of my time finding perfect images to correspond with my text or topic, it’ll be greatly appreciated if you use anything from my blog, to also source Design Indulgences and/or link back. It’s also a way for me to come across new blogs and see the kind of topics that interested people enough to link me back :-).