I love feedback. It makes my day when I get emails from readers asking design advice or saying a certain post inspired them. Thank you for valuing my opinion. Feel free to hit me up if you have any design questions, concerns, comments, suggestions, or anything else under the sun pertaining to my blog.

Please value my time and do not email me unless it’s design related. Also DO NOT subscribe me to your mailing list. If you think you offer something I may be interested in, send me an email with the product etc but do not sign me up to your mailing lists without my permission.

I am also on Instagram and Pinterest @indulgendesign

I recently found out some of my emails were filtered to the spam box so PLEASE CHECK YOUR SPAM if and when you send me an email. Don’t want people thinking I’m not replying. I am not on facebook nor do I have a fan page and I’m not on bloglovin’ though someone made a page for me. 🙂

I have a category for readers who want to showcase work that they’ve done. It can be anything from DIY projects to complete renovations. It’s called Reader’s Show-Off so if you’d like to be considered for a feature, email me with detailed descriptions of what it is you done and plenty of pictures of said project.

I always get tickled when my friends send me pics of places, furniture or decor because they know I’d appreciate the design.  So if you’re out and about and come across a fabulously designed space, whether it’s a restaurant, boutique, hotel, etc, feel free to send me pics. As long as it fits the aesthetics of Design Indulgences and something you think would resonate with my readers, it’ll be considered for a feature.

However, do NOT email me spam. Matterofact, if you email me, please make sure the subject line isn’t generic or something that screams SPAM because it’s liable to get deleted.  Also, please keep in mind I am not a full-time blogger so allow me some time to get back to you, usually a week.

Thanks and looking forward to hearing from you!