Please read carefully before emailing me. Press releases get sent to spam. Do not send me follow up emails.

Thanks for your interest in advertising. I am currently accepting sponsored posts from United States companies that I feel reflect my true aesthetic and ones that I think will resonate with readers. I’m happy to work with the following industries:

  • Interior design
  • Wedding planning
  • Party planning & events
  • Artists
  • Hospitality

I actually would really love to collaborate with hotels for reviews. 🙂 So American business owners, whether established or small, Etsy shop owners, design firms, home remodeling companies, hotels, party planning companies, online stores or even other interior design or event planning bloggers are eligible to sponsor. I will also give you exposure via my social media sites (ex: my Pinterest has over 7,400 followers).

I accept only Pay Pal payments (you don’t have to have a pay pal account to pay via credit card or debit through their site). All payments are paid in full upfront and non-refundable.

Guest Posts:

At this time I’m no longer accepting guest posts. I will not respond to guest post emails. If you are a U.S. company or writing on behalf of a U.S. company, and wish to sponsor a post, please email me for my firm rate. I will only email back if I feel the company and subject is a good fit for a collaboration. Again, please do not follow up with another email. It clutters my inbox and takes me that much longer to reply.

Contact me at designindulgences {@} yahoo {dot} com with the subject line “advertising on Design Indulgences”. Reason being, I want to avoid your mail getting sent to my spam folder. It usually takes me a week to respond so I appreciate the patience.

Please value my time and do not email me unless it’s design related or subscribe me to your mailing list. Press releases and mass emails get deleted. If you think you offer something I may be interested in, send me an email with the product or your pinterest page link but do not sign me up to your mailing lists without my permission.

Thank you for your time.


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