Tuesday’s Tips: Buy Only What You Absolutely Love and Stop Impulse Buying

How many of us have been in a funk and decided to go shopping to boost our mood? An occasional purchase is okay but it can become an expensive habit to form. 

It can become expensive because most times you’ll end up with things you didn’t need or really want. Once you have buyer’s remorse, you feel worse than you started. So not only are you in a rut but now you have less money and more stuff.

Dig deep and find out the emotional trigger that causes you to impulse buy and deal with the root of what’s causing your frustration or sadness. You can find other ways to channel that energy without spending money. The occasional stepping out for drinks with a friend to get things off your chest or treating yourself sometimes helps lift your spirit, but a lot of times it ends up leaving you financial stress. Think about the times you spent way more money than you should have on something you didn’t need and how that left you feeling. 

Creative outlets are great ways to release stress and tension. Sometimes your hobby becomes profitable. Declutter and take old clothes to the donation centers or cosignment shops. When you get rid of stuff and get a few bucks from them, you can justify your new purchases. The goal is to only keep what you absolutely love. Which brings me to my next point: when you buy what you love, you don’t spend more money later. Yes, sometimes you need temporary furniture or some to get by but ultimately you will need to invest. Investing doesn’t mean expensive but if you spend after you’ve researched and scored items you love, you won’t spend more later replacing those “mean time” items.

Think about when you’re revamping a space in your home and you buy a bunch of decor you really don’t like just to fill the space. That area won’t give you the same feeling you’re looking for because you have a bunch of fillers. Resist the urge and only buy when you see something perfect not because it’s on sale or free. I guarantee you will feel better in that area of your home when the items were selected with care. It may take a while but it will be worth it in the end.

When it comes to clothes buy items that fit and look great on your body. When the clothes flatter you, you feel good and when you dress up or stylishly you feel better. They say dressing a certain way can have an affect on your mood too. I am very good when I purge my closet to get rid of anything that I wouldn’t want to be seen in. Buy quality intentional items only.

Here is the thing. just because you have less doesn’t mean it has to be negative. It’s like friends… would you rather have a couple quality genuine friendships than a large quantity of energy-sucking, ungrateful humans in your circle ? The same can be said for wardrobe, furniture, decor and anything else. Make sure the purchases have meaning and value and even if it’s a frivolous item, at least let it be something you can’t stop thinking about. You want the things in your home to bring you happiness and joy everytime you look at them. The dirty laundry isn’t as big of an eyesore if they are stashed in cute laundry baskets. 

Goals are important and so are experiences. Think about spending more on outtings that expand your mind and memories that last a lifetime. Those things mean so much more in the end.

{Images from the instagram accounts @thechampangediet, @luvcoleycole @christinedovey @erikabrechtel @stylefragment}

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  1. This is great advice! I am extremely selective when it comes to household purchases. With clothes too but every once in awhile I’ll buy a few trendy pieces but I typically buy them for the cheap. When it comes to investment pieces I am way more selective, because I agree with you, you don’t want to waste money and you don’t want to purchase things that Just hangs pretty in your closet


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