Monday Inspiration: zodiac sign abstract artwork by me

If you follow me on Instagram, you have noticed I have been creating abstract art zodiac signs for friends and coworkers. I am currently working on a site that will have sizing options and pricing. I take the colors the customer wants and go to town with creating a unique display of their sign.

 It all started when I created a colorful abstract piece that felt a bit unfinished as seen above. I didn’t know what to do so I added my zodiac sign, the virgo, in black glitter. It’s for my rec room. After posting online, I received quite a bit of compliments and feedback. I figured I was on to something once I realized people seriously wanted one. I bought some canvases and watercolors, oil and acrylic paint and started….what is now…my new venture.

So once the site is up, I will let you all know in case any of you are interested. It takes about 7 days for me to finish one depending on how much oil is used. I find pil paint dries soooo slow. The most popular sizes I have done so far are 12×12, 16×20 & 11×14.  I mail 3 day priority which is the cheapest and fastest way possible. I wrap them securely with love and send them to the recipients. I’ve shipped to NYC and Florida already and working on one that will head to Atlanta in thr next couple days. I also plan to do phrases, and monograms as well. I actually am working on 2 monograms now. So stay tuned! If you follow any interesting artist leave their info below. I will like to check them out.

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