Abstract mixed media art by Elle Wray

If you follow me on instagram, you may have noticed I have been tapping into my artsy side. I was encouraged by someone to stop buying art that I can create myself. You know my first major in college was art education before I got my interior design degree so I do have a background in it. More on that later but basically I have been stumbling across some very talented people who are so inspiring. Meet Elle Wray, a fine artist out of Canada who creates beautiful textural mixed media and acrylic abstract pieces.

Her work has been sold to hotels and homeowners to enjoy and from this post, you should be able to see why. I particularily gravitate to the fluid style of abstract painting where colors marry into each other. Some of her pieces look like mountains emerging from seas of lava or the splashes and tides of a deep ocean. 

This above is probably my favorite piece by her. This is goals for me. I’m slowly learning how to build up my canvases to create texture. I have long way to go so I appreciate the time it takes for artists to create their work.

Wouldn’t this look be cool for a floor in an industrial loft? How gorgeous is this!?

Elle’s work doesn’t stop at just abstract. She had also figurines and lips and other subjects as well.

Would you believe it if I told you Elle failed 10th grade Art? Goes to show you no matter the setbacks and failures, you can still win. Follow Elle on instagram @Elle_wray_fine_art.

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