New year old reminders

After the cocktails are poured, confetti swept up and excitement comes down, we are back to reality and in the swing of our usual routine. You probably have read many blogs already and memes about it being a new year and a new you. Some of the takeaways are things we probably already knew in 2016.

One of those things I want to remind you of is watch the company you keep. This isn’t something that has to be revisited only on January 1st. It can be something you handle on an as needed basis. Anytime you notice  traits amongst people in your circle that leave you feeling empty, inadequate and down…you may want to re-evaluate their presence in your life.

Often times we find ourselves putting so many people first in our lives, many of whom don’t return the same effort. You may make certain people priorities and bend over backwards to ensure you show support. However, how many of those people show support for you? 

By no means is this to say, only do good with intentions on good coming back because that isn’t the right mindset either. You should always do things from your heart but make sure you’re not giving and pouring into people who are not giving and pouring into you. There has been times in my life I attended every bash I was invited to, no matter how late of a notice to show support. There has been other times I made sure to pick up the phone or be there for someone who needed a shoulder. Effort wasn’t always made for me. 

So it made me stop and reflect on who truly was there for me. It’s something we have to do often to keep real supportive people around us. 

You have to remove the toxic individuals and ones who only care about themselves. You know, the ones who call when they have problems but never available to lend an ear to yours. The ones who are eager to celebrate their accomplishments but quick to ignore yours. The ones who want you to buy their product or hire them for their service but want your services for free.

 I paired the images of celebrating with images of interiors that are blank canvases because a New Year always signifies that. So if you have people in your circle that don’t motivate, encourage and uplift you, people who treat you as an after thought or option…

If people who spend more time supporting a stranger online than their own loved one, people who can go above and beyond to ignore milestones but want you present for theirs,  people who rely on social media to maintain connections instead of taking some time to connect in person, or if the people who would rather scroll on their social feeds (as if they can’t miss out on what’s going on) than be concerned about missing out on YOU….if those people are in your life, remove them. It’s your chance at a clean start, a refresh, an empty canvas to form the life you want and the people who really matter and deserve to be in it. 

I always say people make time for who they want and what they want and if they don’t want to, they’ll make an excuse. If a person continues to show you they don’t have time for you, make it easier for them and remove yourself from that equation.

Happy New Year.

{Images via Interior design: Lark & Linen | Clients: Stephanie & Neal | Photography: annawithlove, abkashabuilt by dalessio }

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  1. This is great advice. In 2015 I had a brunch in Holiday brunch, that December we went around the table and said what our goals were for 2016. My goal l was to rid myself of the people who do not support me. And I did just that at the beginning of 2016. Happy new year!


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