Unique Gifts from Uncommon Goods

Tis the season for gift giving but I like to treat myself as well. I was happy when I was introduced to Uncommon Goods again. I’ve heard of them before but this time I gave their site a thorough look and saw so many things I want myself lol. What I love about the site is the fact that emerging designers and artisans can showcase and sell their products but there is an actual back story about them. It’s nice to see the creators faces  and see how passionate they are about what they are selling by reading their stories. The site came about when the founder, Dave Bolotsky realized there was a demand for an online marketplace to connect makers with people looking for unique items you would usually find at fairs etc. Below are some of the items I saw that I really like, some for myself and others that would be nice gifts for someone. I usually never do gift guides because I don’t know your people so I can’t possibly assume what they would like. However, a company who doesn’t sell anything harmful to animals like leather, fur, feather, pearls etc and has a large amount of reclaimed & recycled products, is a company that I think should be highlighted. Above you can find produce storage sacks, merlot infused coffee, sea salt flavors, women’s organizing sacks on their site along with many more fun buys. 

I am obsessed with neon lights and signs. I love how these represents the states you live. Something like this would be a nice gift for a man. You can see more options for a guys here.

I really want a cinema light box. I think it’s a fun way to greet your guest outside of a chalkboard. Speaking of guests, how fun would it be to have a smartphone projector that allows you to watch vacation videos on a wall. This retro projector accommodates any phone up to 3 x 6 inches and displays your videos, photos, or text on a wall at up to 8x magnification. That would be so dope in my rec room…

How pretty are these storage nesting baskets? They can be used as hampers or to store blankets and magazines or even toys in a living room.

I love globes and these are so cool because they’re made of cork. You can put colorful thread and use push pins to show all the places you’ve gone.

Greet guests with a funky doormat…

Book and magazine recycled racks should be aesthetically pleasing too…


You can find some really nice gifts for women at Uncommon Goods.  For instance, after a grueling week, one lady would love relaxing to an in-house spa. You’ll find these jars consist of a honey scrub, soak, mask, honey body butter, and fragrant candle. 

Fragrant bubble baths to soak in after a long grueling day of work. To help you out, here are some helpful links to aide in your holiday shopping. There are a lot of items made right here in the U.S. I particularily love the kitchen and bar section of the site for entertaining purposes.

{This post was in partnership with Uncommon Goods. Thank you for supporting businesses that help run this blog}

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