Tuesday’s Tips: 4 easy ideas for hosting dinner parties

It’s not really rocket science but a couple helpful reminders when hosting a dinner soiree. With Thanksgiving and friendsgiving parties to host, one may rack their brain thinking of all the details. You want to do as much as you can in advance. I know you’re thinking no sh!t sherlock….but you will be surprised at how many parties I’ve gone to where people are doing everything last minute. I’ve been to showers where balloons were being blown up as guests arrived & banners being hung as guests look on etc. I understand venues allow certain amounts of time but when the venue is….your home, there is no excuse. Take the time to set the table the night before. I promise you, arranging flowers the day before will not leave you with wilted arrangements the day of. Have your playlist already downloaded & cut up any food or fruit ahead of time. If you can arrange the meat and cheese trays the night before and saran wrap the platter, you will be freed up for more important things.

Which brings me to my next tip. Spend the money and save on time. Instead of needing extra humans to help blow up 50 balloons just call ahead an order at the local party spot and pick them up. Buy some of the desserts and add fruit or powdered sugar to make it look homemade. Stores now sell some of those diy decorations like tissue pom poms and paper fans so buy them. Free up your time a bit. Everything doesn’t have to be a diy project.

Unless you want to play bartender, you may want to set up a drink station with the cups and glassware. When you make it easier for guest to serve themselves, you don’t have to walk around spending your night refilling glasses…

Lastly, if someone offers to help whether it’s with the clean up or bringing a dish, let them. People love being of assistance. No need in playing superhero and doing it all yourself. Afterall, the party is for you to enjoy too. 

{Images via hosting friendsgivingJen Wojcik photographyinspired by thisDeer Pearl Flowers}

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  1. Yolonda says:

    I love hosting parties and it is a lot easier doing things in advance. I usually do all my decor the night before and any baking too. I typically wake up early and cook. The presto, I’m done. These are great tips and I couldn’t agree more…get it done early.


    1. You really are able to enjoy your company when you plan accordingly and do things the night before. It’s like work. Packing lunches and meal prepping and having it all ready to grab in the morning….ironing at night….makes getting dressed so easy.


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