Tuesday’s Tips: ease up on social media when you’re on vacay


Hello hello. I know I took about a month off from blogging but I am back! Hope you all have had a great holiday and been enjoying the summer as much as I have. I appreciate the new followers too. So while we’re talking about summer activities, I started thinking about how much we share on social media. With snapchat in particular, you’re sharing real time adventures.
Though that’s fine and dandy, keep in mind who your audience is..


If you truly have modest followings and never put the gps location on your tagged images, you may be okay. However if you’re that person that has a ton of followers and always has parties at your house, be mindful of what you say. Maybe share a bulk of the pics when you return home. If people know where you live, unfortunately you may become a target for theft and break ins because they know you’re on vacay.


Always put lamps on timers and have someone trustworthy stop by your home daily to ensure all looks well. One thing I struggle with is curtains. If you leave them open and you’re a person who typically closes them at night, you’re still letting it be known you’re not at home. If you leave the curtains closed the entire time you still are letting it be known you’re gone. So that can become a little tricky…


What do you do when you go on vacation?





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