Betty’s Total Events New York: My Friend’s Wedding Reception

Last week I attended the wedding and reception of a good childhood friend held in New York. It was held on a Tuesday because that day was significant to the couple. I thought it was quite genius because ceremonies held on other days than Saturday, will save you lots of money. More on the budget later. Let’s look at how beautiful Betty’s Total Events designed the place…


Real flowers were everywhere. I thought the centerpieces were glamorous and perfect. Sometimes flower arrangements with height can obstruct views of the people you’re sitting across. The slim vases prevented that.

Betty’s Total Events offers a wide range of services to help a wedding client get the vision they want. Some of the services include Wedding & Event Planning and Design, Centerpieces
Personal Flowers (Bridal Bouquets etc), Invitations & Custom Stationary
Candy & Dessert tables, Favors Canopies & Luxury Linens, Napkins, Chair Covers. They have on site florist that work on creating their arrangements which saves a lot of stress for a bride as it’s a one stop shop…

I don’t have pics of the food but can we talk about it? Listen, most wedding venues have awful bland food. I’ve only been to three (one was an anniversary party that I styled and a wedding that I styled) where the food was great. Betty’s also offer catering services and the food was excellent. There was a cocktail hour where I sipped pina coladas and munched on a variety of finger foods including calamari. I was full but had to make room for dinner which consisted of your choice of salmon or ribs with baked chicken, some sort of yellow rice with shrimp and mussels, roasted potatoes, salad, etc.


After the wedding cake was served, there was a chocolate fountain. Did I mention champagne flowed through out the night? My friend also hired a real photobooth which was a hit all night. I know I’m not showing images of my friend, their limo and party bus etc but believe it or not….the entire wedding (which was held in Queens NY in a church with wood ceilings and crystal chandeliers) and reception and all of the stuff in between cost lest than $10,000. I could not believe it. My pictures actually does it no justice because the venue easily looked like something off tv that would set a couple back over 20K. The skylights, molding, arches and crystal wall sconces really created a romantic mood….


My friend said she made numerous calls to other Brooklyn venue sites but it was Betty’s Total Events that replied to her right away. Because the location is in a residential area with virtually no parking, she was hesitant. However she is more than pleased and happy with the result and with working with them. It was then that I knew I had to do a blog post.


If you’re planning a wedding and want to save money, consider Friday or Sunday ceremonies. If parking is an issue, maybe think about providing transportation for guest from the ceremony site and back. Most of all, keep an open mind.




{All images by me Samsung Galaxy S7}

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  1. eric says:

    I love the flowers! Thanks for sharing


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