Kourtney & Khloe Kardashian’s homes in Architectural Digest…


I always say Khloe is my favorite and her new home shows some of the reasons why. I’ve blogged about her gym closet recently here. However this new home of hers has some rooms I don’t ever get a glimpse of on KUWTK. I love Moroccan architecture with the ornate details and arches galore and designer to the stars, Martyn Lawrence Bullard gave her home a contemporary spin on that…


It’s more airy and neutral versus being rich in jeweled toned colors but the Turkish, Moroccan and Middle Eastern influences are there in the mirrors, lanterns, and side tables. The room I love the most is this tented living room that feels like a lounge area of an over the top wedding reception. I love that look because it’s definitely dramatic but airy and light. I created a GET THE LOOK that I will post tomorrow on achieving the same style for a budget with some of my favorite stores.


Martyn included a lot of his collaborations like some fabric selections. He is very known for eclectic and bold room designs with a lot of pattern. He used his Schumacher wallpaper that covered the 5th wall of Khloe’s family room, creating more visual interest to play along with the ceiling beams. I love the rug and how it ties in the cream and white palate. Speaking of, using cream and off whites create more of a cozy feeling than the contrast of bright whites and black. I find this color combination more attainable to live with than bright whites, especially for a sofa.


Love the outdoor lounge space…


This is Kourtney’s living room which is vast different from her colorful bold last home. It’s modern but comfortable for the kids…


I am actually looking to create this same look behind my bedroom nightstand and side table. Placing mirrors behind lamps helps to bounce light around so a room can feel brighter…


You can see the rest of their home over on Architectural Digest or in store by picking up their Celeb Home Edition.

{Photos beautiful captured by Roger Davies Photography}

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  1. Yolonda says:

    The outdoor space is nice.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. aquabutterfly says:

    wow, the Moroccan decorations and architecture are amazing !!


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