Can we give a round of applause for this home?


This is very similar to my bedroom inspiration. A bedroom that has so many textures and creates a moody, modern, relaxing atmosphere with some glam and edge. Velvet, Moroccan wedding blankets, a plush rug, mirrored and chrome details are all elements I have and want for my bedroom retreat. It’s monochromatic but isn’t boring because it’s layered with textures to keep it interesting.


That’s not where it ends. Check out this living room space. The coffee table is a piece of art and the palette is calming and warm.



Although I hate the infamous hand chair, this room reminds me of something Kelly Wearstler would approve of.  I wish I had another angle of the banquette because it looks beautiful. I especially like how gold plays off the grays and the gunmetal chain drapes gives it edge. You can see the rest here.

{Photography: Tony Soluri
Architect: Patrick Fortelka, Charles Vincent George Architects
Interior Designer: Aimee Wertepny and Lauren Warnock, Project Interiors
Home Builder: Dave Knecht and Mike Zalud, Northridge Builders, Inc.
Landscape Architect: Eric A. Tharp, Premier}

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. That space is truly sexy, glamorous, and relaxing.


  2. Yolonda says:

    Love this. Even the hand chair.


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