The fact that I had to come to work in -8 degree temps is just…


…Disrespectful. Happy MLK Day. Are you at home, volunteering or working today? The temperatures have me wanting to do nothing else other than lounge on the couch watching tv & curling in bed reading magazines. Today is the kind of day you go all out cooking a huge breakfast, because you can…


Chocolate chip pancakes sounds good right about now…




Last week my furnace went out. My condo was so cold smoke was coming out of my mouth. The furnace people came around 10 am and fixed it but that was a miserable night for me. All I could think of is that $179 modern electric fireplace I plan on getting from Big Lots that has LED lighting on the sides. Had I bought it when I said I was, I would have at least had a warm toasty living room. It’s on the list on things to buy…

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