Tuesday’s Tips: use canvas artwork to hide unsightly light switches etc


These are not the best quality of pictures but this is how I decided to hide a light switch and temperature controller in my hallway. I purchased these wrapped canvas beauties from AtHome. By positioning them right over the eyesores, I now don’t have to see them. It also allows me to hang art exactly where I wanted. If I hung around the thermostat, the art wouldn’t have been centered with the wall. It just would have created an odd look. However it was brought to my attention that your thermostat may not work efficiently being covered from the circulating airflow. So do this at your own discretion.



The depths of canvases allow for protruding switches and knobs of a circuit breaker door to be hidden seamlessly.



{Images by me}

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  1. Carlton says:

    Bad idea to hide your thermostat. It wont operate efficently if it is not exposed to the circulating air in the room


    1. Good point. I will make a note of that in the post.


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