Yesterday’s Barcart Styling for Halloween


Yesterday I styled the bar cart for Halloween before my company arrived. The lighting was terrible as it rained all day yesterday so I took these pictures this morning. Instead of ice in the ice holder, I had orange and green twizzler.  type of candy. There wasn’t enough room for the punch bowl so that was in the kitchen. It consisted of orange and green sherbert, 7-up, & pink lemonade and I spiked it with vodka for those who wanted.


My Halloween napkins are gone but those black ones came from
Tuesday Mornings and those are there at all times.


The mini Moscato bottles came from World Market. They have the prettiest packaging for everything…


The skull straws came from Dollar Tree.The black and white ones are permanent and came from Michael’s. The shot and wine glasses were thrifted eons ago from the Goodwill. The queen bee stemless glass I bought from TJMaxx.



I bought the pomegranate soda because it looks like blood…

How did you spend the day?

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. Great styling for the occasion..


  2. Yolonda says:

    Nice styling. That’s one of my favorite moscatos. I spent my rainy Halloween furniture shopping at High Fashion Home.


    1. Lucky you. Did you find any good items?


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