Tiny Tot Thursday: Bohemian Nurseries


When decorating nurseries, there should always be some sophisticated pieces of furniture purchased for the room. The dresser and chairs don’t always have to be pint sized. I also prefer designs with wood or white finishes for the furniture leaving color for the decor and accessories.


Enter bohemian designs. When I think of that style, I think of lots of textures and aztec patterns, Persian and oriental rugs, sunset hues, arrows, feathers, dreamcatchers, yarn and woven elements, mid-century and sleek lines, an explosion of color, layers of rugs, tassles, canopies and teepees, nothing too matchy matchy and an eclectic mix of fabric and pillows that somehow works.



Bohemian rooms don’t have to be colorful though, as this mint and beige room is executed perfectly…


The key is to prevent things from feeling too new. So strive to incorporate retro and vintage toys and items for a room that feels collected over time. You will want some pieces that feel like they have some history in the family or at the least, a neat story behind it.


You can still include the usual baby room suspects like animals and woodland themed tree wall decals. Having real branches and plants keeps it lively…





{Images via The Marion House Book via Houzz, project nursery, Apt Therapy 1, Apt Therapy 2, Apt Therapy 3, Petit and Small, The Animal Print Shop, & Bash Please}

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  1. Yolonda says:

    Love the first room.


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