My dream closet essentials…

I was browsing Compass, a site that has thousands of real estate listings that makes the process of buying and selling a home seamless when it got me thinking. Sometimes I think homeowners put themselves at a disadvantage by not letting potential buyers realize what they could do with a space. Closets with only one rod and one shelf may make a buyer think they wouldn’t have enough room for storage. Just add another shelf or spend a little money and buy organizers to really utilize vertical space. It got me thinking about my own closet, which is functional. I even just bought legs for a table top to display my jewelry. But how cool would it be to have one big room for it all?
Here are my dream closet essentials. First I have to have a luggage bellman cart. I think they are incredibly stylish for having a weeks worth of outfits on display. The slack drawer would be great even for jeans and I would be able to see my pants at a glance. At first I thought sock drawer organizers were silly but they save you time. When I’m looking for my dress black socks, especially the ones that fit a certain way with certain booties and loafers, I think I could save more time seeing them all than having them all piled on top of each other.

I love coordinated storage bins in cloth materials and stores like Marshalls and Homegoods, TJ Maxx & Tuesday Morning all have really pretty ones in a huge variety of sizes and some are even at the $12-$20 price point. Below is a picture of mine…
I use them for laundry but you can use smaller ones for belts, socks, scarves etc…


I would have a super giant circular velvet tufted ottoman in the middle on top of a furry rug. I would need a large floor mirror. I would like to display necklaces on velvet stands like this because some baubles are too pretty to hide. For the ones that can get tucked away, I think I would line the drawers with leopard and maybe even have cheetah carpeting.

I think a few doors with mirrored and ornate detailing would be pretty as if I was in a Parisian parlour.
I’d need a few sparkly chandeliers and wall sconces too…


I like the idea of having fashion magazines on a table to be able to browse through for inspiration. I would use the Container Store’s items to organize earrings by metal and color. I like the foam inserts because they will keep the earrings in place as I open and close them. I like that the acrylic case allows you to see inside without wasting time opening the wrong drawers.


I’d like some sort of backlight on the shoe display and skylights or windows in an area by the vanity for natural light. Nothing irks me more than stepping outside and realizing you have on two different blacks. So natural light is essential. What are your must haves for a closet of your dreams?

{Images via house of jade interiors, Red Rock Contractors and Angelica Henry Design, homr stratophere, gracegul order, fresh american style, Lisa Adams for LA Closet Design, Chatherine Kwong Design & the Container Store}

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