Tuesday’s Tips: keep living furniture interesting and avoid buying sets


I know it’s more cost effective to buy a set of furniture as they tend to have better deals. However if you want to have a super interesting space, try to avoid sets. You can still have a cohesive look by keeping with the same design style or color scheme. You can also do a monochromatic palette and have slight variations of hues for the furniture. This living room above is fun even though the sofas are two completely different styles. They work because they bring out the burnt orange and ivory tones from the artwork and rug…


These half donut shaped sofas and chairs are a good pairing even though they are different…


The beige and camel sofas look wonderful together and really bring out the bronze and gold accents of the room. You have two different styles of seating with one armless and the other with armrests so they can appeal to all guests. You can always buy the same type of throw pillows to place on the different seating options as well to unify the look…


If you stick with a neutral sofa that can transition over time with different color schemes, maybe select a bold hue for the chairs. I actually like when there are two matching chairs in replace of a loveseat. Using the same color as the accent chairs,  place a throw and pillows on the sofa to tie it all in…



I love the look of the matching chairs…


Consider using ottomans and benches for smaller scale conversation areas…



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