Tiny Tot Thursdays: brown pouffes in nurseries


While reading Erin’s debate on whether to do a bold or neutral nursery, I noticed something in several of the ones featured and thought I’d search for more. Moroccan poufs are nothing new but I still love them no matter how trendy they are. Seeing different variations of brown designed ottomans and in different textures is a great look for a child’s room or nursery. It gives the right amount of warmth to a room to compliment any brass or gold fixtures and accessories.

It also looks incredibly chic in a white, cream and neutral palette. Most importantly, it can easily get swapped out of the kids room and get placed in an adult setting.


To me it’s best to pick furnishings that can truly grow with a child along with something that can easily transition to other rooms should the child grow up to want a Disney themed room. Notice some of the storage baskets and rugs….






{Images via Summer Thornton Design, me oh my mama, lauren conrad, project nursery, brittany makes}

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