My summer bucket list…


It’s summer and in order to live it up I created a bucket list. Not one solely of options I want but things I really think I can actually commit to doing. I would love to do something really fun each day but that may be a bit unrealistic. However here are my summer fun day lists that I want to accomplish. In no particular order.


-take the girls (niece/cousins) swimming at my condo’s community pool and have cute colorful floaties.

-chill at Bradford beach here in Milwaukee and order from beach bar

-get ice cream from Bradford beach

-walk several oak leaf trails

-go hiking once


-go to Racine’s beachfront

-make pizzas from scratch with girls

-make rootbeer floats and burgers for dinner and play cards or board games…


-fly somewhere (usually I have trips booked by now)

-have a few lobster rolls from various restaurants

-get all of the small DIY projects I already have written down completed before the summer is out

-sooth my feet by getting a reflexology massage and professional pedicure at the same time

-power walk the entire lake drive early one morning (double wammy if I see the sunrise while walking the entire lake drive)

-take Mariah (god-daughter/cousin) to see a couple kids movies


-I can check this off but I want to see another sunset like this one I captured from the day before…

-I wrote down all of the parks that are having free outdoor movie nights so I can take my niece/little cousins and plan to do that at least 3 times this summer.


 -make homemade popsicles

-dine al fresco at least once every other week. That may not always work but even if it’s just an ice cream/burger joint, I want to really enjoy some meals outdoors…

-wine and paint (done this last year…so fun)

I know I will continue to add to this but these are some. What are some of yours?

{Images via Two loves studio, funboy, Reiss, Noupe, treasures and travels blog}

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3 Comments Add yours

  1. Yolonda says:

    This sounds like a damn good time. Love Chi town


    1. Yes it’s my favorite city to go to


  2. Karen says:

    You have some wonderful plans for the summer. I plan on doing some of the same things.


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