Fun Friday: root beer float party


I love root beer floats and like the idea of having a station at a wedding or summer party. Frankly, it doesn’t have to be a party. They can simply just use a few festive items and make the afternoon chillin at home that much better. For a camping woodsy party, use vintage items like old soda posters, labels and mason jars with tree stumps…


Serving them in champange glasses on a tray is a really elegant spin for a reception…


I personally really love the soda shop retro diner ideas. I created a few collages on ways you could decorate for it…


For a diner feel,  use pink or red with black and white. Make sure to buy a checkerboard tablecloth and if funds allow, scour craigslist for old bar stools and tables. Also go thrift shopping for old records to use as backdrops. Use cupcake stands to neatly store all of the jars or toppings.


For a pretty pastel spread, use wooden decorative spoons, colorful bowls and straws and vintage china plates and bowls for toppings. Add polka dot napkins or a lace tablecloth for a shabby chic look…


For a wedding, have a ruffled tablecloth or use a burlap runner. Use glass dessert bowls and keep it simple with stainless steel spoons and straws. I really like the chalkboard labels for mason jars for this setting. Vintage marquee signs and lights or framed soda ice cream posters or string lights would finish it off. You may want to incorporate other chocolate desserts to this table like smores, brownies or warmed cookies so if people dislike root beer, they can always add a scoop of vanilla ice cream to form their own dessert. Or have sprinkles, chocolate syrup, whip cream and cherries for those that want to jazz up their beverage or make a sundae. Anytime people can serve themselves, it allows for mingling and a form of entertainment without doing much. Now….I’m hungry. 😩😋🍧.

{Images via ur Labor of Love by Heidi Canary Grey Photography Elisa B Photography Janae Hardy Amber French Photography Simply by Tamara NicoleI heart nap time, somewhere splendid, style me pretty, wedding chicks, the sweetest occassion, celebrations at home, love paper paint, love and lavender, rustic wedding chic}

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