Tuesday’s Tips: mosquito repelling plants and flowers


Nothing like June: the start of summer, the longer days, the warmer nights, the outdoor eats, carnivals and festivals, etc. However with everything sometimes you have some give and other times you have some takes and one thing I can’t stand are mosquitos. They die in your cocktails when you leave them uncovered. They cause you to itch and scratch and just plain obnoxious. So here are some plants that repels mosquitos.

Marigolds are said to have a repulsive smelling aroma that bugs dislike. 

Lavender is not only a beautiful soothing plant with a calming scent for humans, but it’s a natural mosquito repellent. you can also pull some and place in your bedroom to help relax your body when it’s time for bed.

Geranium’s have a pretty cascading look  that repels mosquitos because of the strong fragrance.

Citronella grass is not only low maintenance but lemon scented ones are best for keeping mosquitoes at bay.


Basil not only satisfies chefs but lemon basil and cinnamon basil deters insects like flies and mosquitos.

Garlic not only tastes good but it works for repelling.

Peppermint can double as cocktail garnishes and relief for itching if you do get bit by one (by simply rubbing the leaves on the bite). It’s a taste and smell most bugs dislike.

Rosemary is another great herb I love to cook with especially in green beans and pork chops. It attracts butterflies  and naturally repels mosquitos, cabbage moths and other bugs. They can be pruned and make for great landscaping additions as it looks like a shrub.

They also even say catnip helps and works way better than any spray you can get. Unless you have a fence, I wouldn’t advise. I don’t have a fence around my condo and I swear the neighborhood cats see my cat looking out of the patio doors and windows and they keep coming on my property hiding in my bushes as if I will let my cat out to play. Never fails, every friggin evening these cats come up, even when I’m on the porch. They will simply walk in the street and go up my neighbors driveway until I go inside. So the last thing I’m trying to do is have a buncha cracked out cats on my lawn 😂.



Overall mint and lemon smelling flowers are the common denominator in most. Instead of spending money on spray that may not work, try a natural route that can not only be a great addition for your food prep, but ones that are also beautiful on the eyes. Happy gardening!
And happy eating and drinking!

{Images via kitchen concoctions, confectionalism, topiaries, good housekeeping, & she wears many hats,}

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  1. Joanie says:

    Hi –
    FYI you’re promoting the wrong geranium here. And, friendly reminder – you’d be more believable if you spelled correctly. : >


    1. I’m glad you played teacher and pointed out spelling errors. Whether it was mosquitoes/mosquitos or any other typo, if a person doesn’t want to believe any content I create on my blog, they don’t have to read it. Simple as that. I can take constructive criticism but a sarcastic laced comment I will not.

      If something was incorrect per my sources, feel free to correct me and I will do research on that. Until then, carry on with your day.


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