Coffee corners of the home…


l can always depend on coffee. One of my coworkers was so nice and bought me a Keurig maker (something I’ve always wanted) plus an assortment of K-cups and the drawer to store all of them. Now I want to create a cute corner on my counter of everything I need. You see, it’s functional but some of my traveler cups are too large to go under the keurig dispenser. So I end up grabbing a mug only to pour it in my travelers cup to head to work. That’s not really functional because most times I end up spilling hot coffee on my hands in the process. I need some sort of a funnel LOL.


I need cute jars to store my different creamers so I can easily see when I need to replenish.  I also would want some sort of canister that can pour sugar. In the morning when I’m ready to walk out of the door, I don’t want to open additional drawers and pull out spoons and then rinse spoons off etc. I want to simply pour.  I need a cute tray to group all of these things so it doesn’t seem cluttered. I need a chrome frame so I can swap out the print seen here. All of my appliances and the backsplash has stainless steel and chrome finishes. I would like to place that by the coffee area instead of my office.


Then I can get even fancier and put cinnamon and other garnishes in salt and pepper shakers. I think I will want a jar of coffee beans so in the morning on weekends, I can open the jar to give out that fresh aroma smell that I don’t really get with the Keurig maker.


I think if you take the time to really jazz up an area of your home that you really love, you may even avoid spending money elsewhere. By having a station set up at home with everything you need, you may want to make it at home versus spending time in someone’s line and giving money away.


{Images via driven by decor, the inspired room, apartment therapy, eat snack love}

What is your drink of choice in the morning? I do believe I need to start upping my smoothie intake. I bought some chia seeds for them but for you coffee lovers, here is a post on repurposing bar carts and making coffee stations.

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  1. Yolonda says:

    I never really thought about this, but apparently we have a little coffee corner. Ours have a sugar dispenser, 2 mugs, coffee maker and fig newtons


    1. See! We can be our own lil baristas.


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