My DIY collabo with MagnaMagic magnetic paints

I recently collaborated with USA manufactured MagnaMagic to jazz up a piece of furniture my client had. Some may know but since January I’ve been working with an old client on her new home. It will be a 6 month project and multiple rooms. So far I’ve completed the little girls room which I will share soon and the teen boy’s room. We’ve made progress in living room purchases and finally got the rec room in order but I’m not quite finished with the rec room. There are some odd areas that expose some unsightly things like water heaters, etc that I want to hide. The rec room will be used  by the kids primarily and I wanted to inject color without painting the walls. This is where fabric choices and décor comes in play. When my client showed me this picture frame divider, she asked me was there anything I could use it for. I knew I was going to paint it so when MagnaMagic reached out to me, I was thrilled.


I used regular acrylic paints for the different colors of the frame but I used MagnaMagic’s magnetic primer paint for the frame inserts. I figured the kids could post things and write stuff on it as opposed of having actual pictures. Plus the divider will act as a way of closing off one of those eyesores.


My honest opinion of the paint is it’s definitely great quality. I could tell because I used cheap acrylics to paint the frame and had a difficult time having a decent coat when using some colors. However the magnetic chalkboard paint was rich and creamy. It almost has a clay like texture when going on if that makes sense. It coated the areas very easily and thick. I could tell when I used less of the primer paint, because some of the magnets didn’t stick to those but majority of them stuck. I guess I would suggest ensuring you use the exact same coats on all surfaces. Also the paint did not have much of a stench at all. I didn’t even need to open the door to keep the room ventilated (though I did just to be on the safe side). The paints are low odor and non-toxic and completely safe for kids.


I still have a lot of paint leftover and plan to show u another project with it later on. It’s for my own home and I feel my idea is so clever so I can’t wait to share that one soon. In the mean time, check out their DIY project gallery of cool ideas. I really like the faux headboard and bulletin board ideas.
of cool ideas. I really like the faux headboard and bulletin board ideas.

I recieved a complimentary can of MagnaMagic magnetic chalkboard paint but all opinions are honest. I will continue to support this brand especially because it was made here in he U.S. Thank you for supporting brands that help me run this blog.

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