Lucite bathroom hardware and fixtures…

I love the fluid and glam result you can get by using acrylic materials. I think in my condo, for at least one bathroom, I would like to update the rods etc to lucite options.
Hardware are details and jewels of rooms and when dealing with a small area of space like a powder room, you can most likely afford to make updates with higher end or quality materials as it will be much cheaper than doing a kitchen.

Another reason I like hardware updates: they are not exclusive to homeowners. Renters can also remove hardware and change out old ones to fit their personality. Just simply replace the old ones when you move. It’s tedious but if you plan to stay put for some years, you might as well make it your own as best as you can…





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  1. Yolonda says:

    I’m with you on the lucite, I really like the black and blue bath. I need some lucite in my life


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