Decorating with benches…


I purchased a wood bench from TJ Maxx with every intention on using it for dining seating. I love the idea of a dining table with a casual bench side. Then I end up purchasing a bar height curved triangle dining table and 2 bar height curved benches. I was going to return the lower bench but decided to keep it. So now I’m debating where I want to put it and how I want to style it. I don’t need it in the entry way because I already have a console table for that but since moving into my condo last week, I don’t quite yet have a kitchen table or chairs. So to fill up the area in front of the patio doors, I thought it could go there with a furry sheepskin rug on top.


My bench is a little long but there are so many areas you can squeeze a small bench into. If you don’t have a mudroom, you can always put hooks over a bench and create a resting stop for the entry way to take off shoes or drop your bags…



You can always put them at the edge of the bed to rest your decorative pillows while you sleep…


If you have a cushion, you can always put that on top and have the bench serve as additional seating in a smaller area…kind of like an ottoman. You could place it on a stairway landing, in front of a window as a reading nook window seat or behind a sofa as a low console table.

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  1. Love benches
    Don’t forget at the foot of beds!
    Most useful’ bathrooms are great too
    See Murray blvd in charleston master bath and Maison Dupre bedroom also in Charleston featured in city paper homes for the Charleston Symphony orchestra league show houses


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