Tuesday’s Tips: you’re not superwoman…


So don’t feel asking for help is beneath you. You aren’t frowned upon or looked at as a failure. Last time I checked we only have two hands and sometimes we need another 6 to get things done. Here is where your mouth can help. Simply ask. You may find people are more willing to assist than you think. More than likely after you ask, you will be happy you did and wish that you had done it sooner. So the next time you find yourself unable to complete everything or simply need help….ask. I promise, you won’t get looked at as not being able to do it all….you may even be able to do MORE because you would have the help to do so.





{Images via SMP, Erika Brechtel, Rue Mag, & Home Adore}

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  1. Yolonda says:

    Sometimes I struggle with asking people for help, because it lends itself to disappointment


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