Closet inspiration including a cool use for pegboards..


I love seeing new ways to maximize space for a closet and interesting ways to organize in a pretty but functional way. Last night I was on instagram, getting my time sucked in a deep hole of following people, when I came across this room. The pegboard is used to hang outfits of the day #ootd which is a great idea. Pegboards are great for small spaces because you can utilize wall space and storage vertically versus losing square footage. See more of that here.


I like the industrial look of the gold spray painted plumbing pipes…

You can see all of the details on Krystine Edwards blog.

While we are at closet makeovers, have you seen this one yet? Probably so but it was from the one room challenge by Mimosa Lane. I’ve been meaning to talk about how lovely she made her closet. So many pretty details.

Whether you use hat or picture boxes or baskets, invest in as mamy as you can because they are good for “catch alls” like buttons, hair accessories, socks, etc. Homegoods and their sister stores TJMaxx and Marshalls have a huge selection of many different materials. You can coordinate the ironing board pad with the laundry baskets, felt hangers and the baskets all at affordable prices.

I’m talking big boxes for under $10 and baskets ranging as low as $5-30. I’ve seen the coolest patterned laundry baskets and pads for ironing boards for $14. You can even get the collapsible baskets for modular shelves at Dollar Tree.
Use small console tables and side tables for additional surface storage. Add funky rugs, art, pretty wallpaper and a statement light fixture to create a boutique feel…
Repurpose a towel rack for scarves….
Use an old bookshelf for shoes or folded sweaters….
One of the most important tips for closets is purging often. It makes no sense to keep things you’re not wearing and can’t fit. Sell what you can at cosignments, have a swap party then donate. Besides, the more you get rid off, the better you feel when you buy. At least that’s my way of looking at it.

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  1. Yolonda says:

    This is all great inspiration. I think it’s time to make my closet an entire room of it’s own.


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