Tuesday’s Tips: curtain panels for bathroom showers


I am moving in a little over a month and will have three bathrooms to decorate so I’m trying to find inspiring ideas. I have always loved the modern take on the old school curtain look for the shower. Nowadays people are using grommet curtain panels, raising the rod near the ceiling and having panels puddle to the floor. I really love this idea but I think I want to use clips to hold the fabric instead of grommets. For fact, I will have two panels….just need to zero down on fabric.


Something very enveloping and comforting happens when there are two panels. Simply use a tension rod to hang the liner and move it to one side so you don’t see it. A fabric that blends in with the tile is very chic…


If you have some old curtains that aren’t in use, see if they will work for a shower before spending money on a new one. That’s what happened above and the bold stripes look great. If you have a dated bathroom, bold curtains can really take the focus away from the tile.


Adding trim to plain panels are fun enough for kids…


This bathroom has regular decor like a mirror and side table in conjunction with regular curtains for the shower. It makes the room feel less utilitarian….
{Other images via apartment therapy, savvy design west, hgtv, design manifest, martha stewart & diy network}


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