Tuesday’s Tips: make your home feel larger


I was reading an article on Elle Decor yesterday that had some cool tips to make your space feel larger. It was funny because the post also had more images of the home I posted in this post. You can also see that living room below. So I’m categorizing this in both my Tuesday’s Tips and Remember When tabs. Above they combined panels to form one large massive canvas of DIY art which is genius and critical when hanging art in a home with high ceilings. I’m moving into a condo that has high vaulted ceilings in the living/dining area so I know buying art and wall decor has to be sizeable and to scale. Otherwise it will look silly.


Another trick is taping rugs together to make one large area rug. That too is a great idea and will possibly save you money as large scale rugs are typically expensive. You can also lay them close together on rug grip pads to prevent them from moving apart or the rugs sliding around. Speaking of rugs….I purchased two for only 96 bucks because Rugs USA had a 75% off with free shipping sale that I couldn’t pass up. One is a white furry shag rug is 5×3 ft and one with a cobalt blue design that’s 5×8. I can’t wait till they arrive. This is not a sponsored post, I am just too happy about that deal and the selection. I will definitely use them for clients.



They also used vases to help fill spaces in a bookshelf and stood books upright with the cover facing you which is a pretty styling technique…


Another creative idea is using those affordable IKEA desk tops as a headboard for the bed by standing them vertical. How clever. If this is done the length of the wall, it can even add color to the space without paint…


I don’t believe this living room is from the same home however it was in the article. It’s a reminder of the TJMaxx mirror I passed up that was on clearance for $42. Same…exact….mirror. 😐I thought about that mirror days after and didn’t have time in my schedule to go back. Why did I end up coming across interiors with the same mirror? Now this makes 3. *deep sigh*. 😐

{Images via Interior Marketing Group Ince/Richard Caplan Photography for Elle Decor}

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