Tuesday’s Tips: Sleep Better By…

We all can benefit from having a good night’s sleep. Here are some tips you may not have thought of.

Wash Pillows to keep them germ free and fluffy and donate old worn out pillows to animal shelters…

Buy a good mattress or mattress pad…

Hang up black-out curtains to create a dark room where the light from the streets and sun doesn’t bother you…
Clean and tidy up before bed as the less clutter you see, the more relaxed you’ll feel…


Get clothes and lunches ready the night before work which will give you more time to sleep in the morning and less time to get ready. You’ll also benefit from not forgetting things and eliminate the stress of not having something to wear. Doing this can also keep you punctual.


The more sleep you get, the less time you spend awake which means you’ll eat less calories through out the day.

I know for me when I eat dinner early and stay up late, I end up eating again before bed because at that point I’m hungry again as a good 5 or 6 hours has passed since my dinner meal. So I try to eat a later dinner and have some sort of a healthy snack on hand in case I do need to have a bite before bed…


Then we all know of the typical advice like spray lavender somewhere on your bedding or a candle, turn off electronics an hour prior to bed, shower or take a relaxing bath, and read or journal to remove the many thoughts you have on your mind. They say leave the bedroom cold but for me, that’s a problem. I hate being cold and prefer to keep my home toasty. I love it warm enough to keep a fan blowing. I don’t have to have the fan on me, but it’s something about that constant humming sound that is relaxing for me. I also like listening to thunderstorms. There are many apps with random sounds like water, rain etc that can relax you if you just have to have some sort of noise.


Do you have any evening/bedtime routines that makes you sleep better at night?

{images via Brian Patrick Flynn, Domaine Home, Interiors Digital & Lauren Conrad}

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  1. Yolonda says:

    Great tips! I shower in lavender


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