Selling Your Home: The Natural Rules

If you’re in the process of selling your home, you’ll have probably read countless articles giving you “ten tips” or something similar on how to maximize your sale price.
Our advice is going to be a little different and instead concentrate on a set of “natural rules” – which aim to entice buyers by simply making the most of your home’s natural make-up.

We’re certainly not advocating a sledgehammer approach here – in fact, the biggest investment probably arrives through a new set of blinds. What we’re trying to highlight is that by keeping things simple, and ultimately staying natural, your property can become much more desirable to the typical viewer. Here are our three tips on how to achieve this:


Tip #1 – Natural light will be your best friend

This is perhaps the best tip you can follow when it comes to selling your home; natural light really will be your best friend. We’re not quite sure of the science, but allowing as much natural light to flow into your house will immediately trick any eye into thinking that it’s bigger than it really is. As we know, at least in the world of property, bigger usually results in costlier.

So, how do you achieve the above? Opting for blinds over curtains is the most advisable course of action, and investing in a set that will allow optimum amounts of natural light into the building at every point of the day should also be done. When it comes to viewing time, ensuring that they’re either open or at least adjusted to the point of allowing maximum light into the property, should again do the trick.


Tip #2 – Take advantage of the natural views

If you’re lucky enough to be surrounded by natural beauty, opening your home up to the views is another sure-fire way to impress any potential buyer. This is again an instance where blinds truly can be a saviour, particularly following recent developments in the industry.

The emergence of top-down bottom-up blinds means that you can protect a home’s privacy, whilst also allowing plenty of natural light to enter the room at the same time. The fact that you can perfectly balance privacy and views through these sorts of inventions makes life much easier for the seller now.

Tip #3 – Natural materials also work wonders

The previous tips have concentrated on what we see around us, but staying natural doesn’t have to only revolve around this. This final suggestion revolves around using natural materials in our home. In today’s age, it can be a lot easier to opt for synthetic replacements – with manufacturers keen to push products that are made to look like the “real deal”, but are in fact a cheaper copy.

This could be anything from laminated floors to faux wood blinds – they both look the part to an extent, but they don’t have the same “wow” factor that real wood possesses. As well as this, any buyer will be sure to consider the maintenance issues and most of the time, these synthetic alternatives are much less durable which could result in heftier replacement costs in the future.

Of course, it’s not always possible to invest in “real” and natural materials. However, if your budget allows, at least for the most prominent areas of the property such as the windows, it might be advisable to push the boat out.

{Compensation was received by Just Blinds, a company with an A+ Better Business Bureau rating that offers lower prices, free samples, FREE SHIPPING and lots of window treatment options for your home. Thank you for supporting companies that help run this blog.}

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