Monday Inspiration 11.8.14


I have been putting off sorting a basket full of clothes and taking another bag full to the Goodwill. I don’t know why I became lazy at that because I usually pride myself with making room for new clothes donating things I haven’t worn. I need to get my life together and make it a priority to spend a couple hours going thru my closets and armoire and ensuring the things I have, are things I actually wear. I think I will do that tonight. I love the idea above of repurposing shower hooks for scarves. It’s much more easier to grab and go than having to untie knots (the way scarves are typically stored).




I am not a bag person but this is such a great use of space for those odd closet top shelves. It’s like you’re shopping your closet because it’s staged like a store display. I see this person has a variety of coats. I am still waiting on a new wool belted coat to come in the mail from a cyber Monday sale. One way you can transform your closet is simply by making inventory of what you have and what you need. Then you will know how much space to allot for tall boots, small handbags, coats etc..



If you look closely, these shelves are held by bricks. This is a great use of space…


I just realized a way to not feel bad for procrastinating: buy pretty laundry baskets. Marshalls, Homegoods and TJmaxx has some of the prettiest laundry totes and baskets that makes heeps of clothes less of an eyesore…


I still love the look of clothes displayed on racks. Why not incoporate a nice mirrored and glass table for folding? Any way you can make mundane tasks a little bit prettier, the better.

{Images via erika brechtel, the chronicles of home, style me pretty, the coveteur, the chriselle factor}

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  1. Patricia Malcolm says:

    Always love your posts….especially this one. I have a closet that was inspired by Pinterest! Patty PICTURES TO FOLLOW………..



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