A home tour with lovely vignettes…


With color inspiration from the 70s and a marriage of design styles, this home tour encompasses a lot of things I look for when featuring on my blog. I like a home to have some character and architectural detail. Brany’s has just that in the molding designs on the doors, beautiful wood floors and exposed brick. I like a home to look personal as if every item was edited and bought or salvaged from a place with background, history and meaning. Brandy’s home has just that. It mixes new and old and balances nicely throughout the entire space. What I saw first was that wild bold wallpaper and a gold mirror then the open riser stair case with a neon light and I knew this would be a fun home tour. Every room was interesting and the spaces that felt a little empty will probably be filled with another conversation starter soon. It just looks fun, like everything she bought, was bought because she simply liked it. Not because she needed to finish a room in time for an online feature or not as if she needed to be like everyone else and buy the same print, same tables, same rugs. Brandy’s home looks like Brandy. One of her fav sites to score items from is Chairish which is also where she sells decor through. You can buy her style at Make & Model. It’s nice to see someone that doesn’t stick with a formula of what they think is “cool”.


Take a cue from this and use expensive or bold wallpaper in a very small width of space. You won’t break the bank but you will make an impact.


Two chairs similar in style (both armless) and the same color can work just as well as a pair. I love the barstools and lighting.


Decorating with busts and mannequins are my everything. I like how the vignette is asymmetrical but still balanced because the mannequin is around the same height as the lamp.


You can see the rest of the tour and all of the deets over on Apartment Therapy.
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  1. Brandy Adams says:

    Miya, thank you so much for featuring my home tour on your site. Your post was so thoughtful. I feel like you really captured me and my love for authentic pieces that have a story to tell. I love knowing that you enjoyed my home. Come to Nashville and you can get an onsite tour 😊


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