And then we had December….


Happy Monday. Hope your weekend was funfilled. I had a good relaxing time with some fun thrown in. My aunt hosted a seafood gumbo showdown. I’m talking crab meat, crablegs, oysters, shrimp, sausage etc. It was so delish and fun to visit with family. I also went to a Bucks game the night that started my 5 day weekend and we won. I even made it to see The Lion King on Broadway. If you have kids or eant to enjoy a nice date night or girls night….go. It was so amazing. The last show is Dec 7th here in Milwaukee so get your tickets fast! December is the most wonderful time of the year and though I’m not 100% in the Christmas spirit this year, I am better than I was last year this time.


Last year it took me going to Manhattan New York a week before Christmas in order to get in the mood. Seeing all of the lights, the jolly people, the skating rings, (both at Bryant Park and the Rockerfeller Center), the holiday windows on 5th avenue, the toys at FAO Schwartz and the snowstorm that delayed our flight home made me in the spirit. This year I’m trying to not let it take that long to get in the mood. I’m exchanging gifts with a few friends which is helping get in the swing of things so I have more people to shop for. I started shopping on Saturday for gifts. I really wish to share but one of those friends follows me on social media so I can’t. Let’s just say I can’t wait to see what she says about the gift I got her and her husband.

Buying thoughtful gifts is second best to wrapping the gifts. I love wrapping gifts. People always say they know when Miya bought something because I like to use gift bags and go crazy with the tissue paper. This time I will wrap them up and use ornaments and ribbon instead of typical bows. Although I’m not putting up my Christmas tree this year, I did buy a wreath (something I never had) and flocked garland that will get adorned with ornaments and foliage tonight. It’s going to be super cold here in Milwaukee so I plan to stop to get me a salted caramel hot chocolate and go straight home and get busy decorating. I already decorated my home with table top décor (which I will blog about later) while watching the Macy’s parade (tradition).   I’m already finding myself humming Christmas tunes. So I guess I am in the spirit already. 


Everything isn’t solely about Christmas though. For me, the month of December has some fun birthdays (niece and friend). December is a bit snowier so simply free fun things like snowball fights, building a snowman and taking my niece sledding will take place. I tried ice skating last winter and it wasn’t as fun as I remembered as a kid so I’ll leave that for yall.



The short daylight, cold nights makes it perfect to snuggle and watch endless movies. Something about this time of year allows for cozy house shoes, socks, & PJs at all times. It’s the time of year when you wake up, shower and put back on PJs because you know you’re not going anywhere.  Faux furs and candles lit makes December so relaxing. If you are blessed to have a lot of paid vacay time (I get five weeks a year), enjoy it. Make time for you and do something you love or been putting off. I’m always on the go so being able to relax a bit is ideal. Knowing my car is parked in underground parking makes relaxing even more indulgent because I know I don’t have to shovel my car out after being plowed in and dust off the snow when I DO leave.


December calls for a lot of get-to-gethers and parties, some of which you dress up for some of which you don’t but it’s great just knowing you will see your friends and family that much more. Be present in those moments. My friends and fam make fun of me cuz I always take pictures but it’s the same candid moments people love when they look back at them.


It’s the time of year when I stock up on marshmellows and hot chocolate and spend a little too much buying fun flavors from Gloria Jeans & Dunkin Donuts like the Smore’s kind.


December is also a time for reflection: what did you do or didn’t do throughout the year, what was a milestone or something that changed your life for the better, or what was something you can learn from that will help you in the future. It’s a time to set resolutions and goals for the upcoming year, though I’m a firm believer in not waiting as each day is a chance to start over. December can be an anxious month but it can also be filled with so much optimism. December is indeed the most wonderful time of the year.

{Images via Lauren Conrad, Style Me Pretty, minimalist baker, and plenty tumblr blackholes}

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  1. Yolonda says:

    it can be a challenge to get in the spirit, especially in Houston where it’s 74 degrees. Anyway, I’m sure your friends will love their gift.


    1. Yeah my brother called to wish my dad a happy bday and bragged on how it was 76. He lives in dallas.


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