Did ya know TJMaxx now offers online shopping?


This isn’t a sponsored post it’s just TJ Maxx is a store I’ve loved since working there as a teen. I worked there a year in the service desk area doing returns my freshmen year of college. Once I started having clients, it has been one of my go-to stores for affordable, pretty, and unique decor items. You can buy a whole room filled with stuff from TJ Maxx and it won’t feel as if you shopped at one place and it won’t break your budget. What I love most is the fact that you can get sizeable mirrors for under $40. I’m talking mirrors big enough to swap out and replace over bathroom vanities like you see in this post. They have nice rugs, chic pet bowls & stuff, drapery, a lot of cool end tables and chairs.  Another thing I love is the brand named faux fur throws and pillows and often times they are under $20 like the ones in my collage. I don’t know about you but my clients are not trying to spend $400 on two pillows. So if you’re in a budget, or simply want more bang for you buck without compromising style, head over to your nearest TJMaxx or online.

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3 Comments Add yours

  1. MAC says:

    =O!!!! This is major news. Hallelu!


  2. MAC says:

    If only Home Goods would do the same **sigh*


    1. I know! I hurried up and went to their site to see if the did. Maybe we should tweet them.


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