Shopping with PinkLion for the holidays…


A while back I was introduced to PinkLion which is a company that curates products from  independent brands to bring you a seletion of modern, crafty essentials. I was gifted a print by Latte Design in my favorite theme: coffee. Anyone who knows me knows I live for my Dunkin Donuts and McCafe coffee beverages.


At first I thought I would style it in the kitchen and create a small coffee station similar to these but all of my art in my office/den is black and white so I figured I would place it there.


Excuse the quality of pictures. I took them with my Galaxy S5 but the outdoor lighting sucked that day. It was gloomy, either snowy or rainy, for days.


I promise you my gold foil is even, it just doesn’t look that way from this angle. I do like how it turned out and love the layered leaned art look which looks like it’s floating.




I am sure I will purchase some of Latte Design’s work. Amalia Lopez is the graphic designer behind the brand who has clean, modern design, stripes, vintage typography and inspirational quotes…


PinkLion can be your go to for neat gifts this holiday season. I’m talking party supplies, wedding decorations, jewelry, phone cases, art, decor and more. Above are some of my favs (minus the fact that the case is for an iphone…#teamdroid).

{Images by me}


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