Want to feel like you’re sleeping in a luxury hotel each night?

Well all you have to do is buy bedding. Where from? The leading provider of luxury linens to the finest hotels. Let me introduce you to Frette.

Sprucing up around the home is most often relegated to spring; when the weather breaks and the earth begins to come alive again. But, the cooler months of fall, and even bitter winter months are a great time to bring a new, fresh and crisp perspective indoors. It may even be the best time to embrace a spot of redecorating-so out with the old, tired – throws and bedding, and in with the new.

Cold weather inspires coziness. Really, think about it; the warm glow of a fireplace, snuggly, and luxurious fabrics, on a cold winter’s night all but eliminate cabin fever. Infuse soothing choices from Frette’s Dream Collection, and it is guaranteed you will never want to leave the house again. Staying in and wrapping yourself in lush materials is more inviting.

The Frette’s Olga Blanket Caramel is a perfect example of the rich textile accents that can grace your home. Crafted of pure cashmere, the blanket is available in rich dessert sounding colors – caramel and ivory. The Olga Blanket adds a special touch of elegance. It is very comforting, sort of like wrapping yourself in a warm cloud. It’s not your old run – of – the – mill throw.


Frette’s Fall Collection of Essential Bedding will drive away the doldrums and warm up any bedroom with an air of sophistication. And you won’t sacrifice comfort, that’s for sure. Seriously, would you tumble out of this bed if you didn’t have too?


Or this one?


Neither would I.

There may be warmer nights and brighter days ahead, but who cares?


Right now you can take advantage of an exclusive, private sale that Frette is currently running through November 19th. With the promo code “INSIDER14” you can receive 50% off all Fall/Winter Bedding and Bath in addition to complimentary shipping. Take advantage of this inside scoop while you can!

There are also nice gifts for someone special in your life so check out their holiday gift guide.

Compensation for this post was received by Frette, a brand full of quality products and merchandise. Thank you for supporting companies that help run this blog.

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