This here is probably my fav 6 week challenge reveal of all time…


I mean…listen…this is so incredibly stunning. My fav takeaways: all of it the black walls and molding which gives an element of history and character, the faux white fireplace mantle with ornate details and the warmth by tall candles, the canopy bed without the drapery, the mantle layering, the luxe bedding and the window treatments & the black, gold and white color palette is all so beautiful, timeless and regal. Can you believe it was all done in 6 weeks? If you’re a follower of many popular blogs you will know today is the room reveals that designers were challenged with. It’s been fun reading and following everyone’s weekly progress and although this is the first one I saw, I am convinced it will be my fav. Job well done The Design Daredevil. Job well done. Below are some other fav images but you really have to check the site out for way more pics and all of the details.


A lot goes into dressing the windows and this mix of panels with patterned roman shades are beautiful. The shades allow both privacy and light….


You know I love vignette styling. Please go see the rest here. You can also see my love of mantles here and sputnik chandeliers.

{Interior design Jessie Miller w/Photos by Megan Thiele}

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  1. Yolonda says:

    This is phenomenal!


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