Sundays… November…




I can’t believe how fast the year is flying by. Already stores are airing holiday commercials and shoving Christmas down our throats. Can we please just gear up for Thanksgiving? It’s one of the best things about November. Actually, I can’t really make a list of other great things about this month because up here it gets so cold that the only thing I want to do is hibernate, read, watch nba and dvr’d shows and sleep.


I guess dressing in layers, cozy fireplaces, hot chocolate beverages and scents of cinnamon are good things about November…


And plaid. I need to buy some plaid. ..


I also like harvest decor. It’s rustic and festive. Stuff like burlap, branches,  pumpkins and candles make all the difference in a tablescape….


Entertaining family and friends and  reflecting on your blessings and being present in the moment are other good things about November. You can’t help but think of all the good food, eating and baking you will do. I am a great cook but I don’t bake. However I’ve been itching to do more baking this fall. I witnessed how easy it is to make an apple pie and want to try my version of it. I already made an apple crisp which was delicious under a scoop of ice cream. I also want to make a peach cobbler as I haven’t made one in years. Baking and cooking allows you to share meals made with love with people who appreciate it. That’s a good thing to look forward to this month.


I guess there are great things about November. Hopefully this month is better than last which had quite a bit of negatives including an uncle and great aunt passing within two weeks of each other. After the funeral this week, I hope more joys and highs are in store this month for me and my family. For now, it’s Sunday….indulge in what makes your happy. I know I will. 🙂

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