Caramel apple cocktail recipes plus a fall tablescape…


It’s October: a time for all things apple. Most people rave about pumpkin this and pumpkin that, pumpkin patches, pumpkin flavors, pumpkin seeds & pumpkin carving but I am all about the apples. From apple crisps to apple nachos, even apple picking. (Apple nachos are an easier version of caramel apples that I do annually for my coworkers and after apple picking. Slice them and drizzle chocolate, caramel and melted marshmellows on top. You can add chocolate chips, peanuts etc.). So imagine my excitement when I heard about UV’s Salty Caramel Apple flavored vodka…


I am a fan of UV vodkas and no….I’m not saying this because they sent me a bottle to sample. I like fun vodka concoctions and UV’s Cake (mix it with pineapple juice to taste like a pineapple upside down cake) is in my fridge right now. In the summer I keep their Whipped flavored vodka on deck for this blended strawberry beverage I make. So I am truly a fan of the brand…


I figured I would create a little tablescape in a fall color scheme to keep it festive. I think the bright fiery orange and the black and white really looks fresh and modern. I used wallpaper to line the table & glitter/sequined craft paper as coasters. With the exception of the the leafy branches, I shopped my home to create this look…


The salty caramel apple is good on the rocks and served in martini glasses just salt the rim in cinnamon. The taste is a little bit salty and a little bit sweet and will satisfy caramel apple lovers this fall season…




I created a shot of UV salty caramel apple mixed with whip cream and cinnamon topped with whipped cream and sprinkled with a pinch more of cinnamon.


Although I’m not a fan of apple cider, you can mix that with UV’s salty caramel apple and serve hot. This limited edition is great because it has a variety of ways you can drink it. Better hurry and get some for those Halloween parties!!

{ For more drink recipes head to UV Vodka. You can also follow them on Facebook & Twitter.


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