My DIY art idea using a pillowcase

Over the weekend I finally decided to put to use some picture frames I bought at JoAnn Fabric. I knew I wanted to take up some wall space in my bedroom and since it has a slight Moroccan influence, I figured I could use a beaded pillowcase I bought from Summerfest as art. Below is the simple tutorial…


First I cut the fabric slightly larger than needed so that I could tape the excess on the back of the mat….


Taping the fabric to the mat secures it so that it stays in place once hung…


This is the final result….


I think framing beaded fabric would look even better in a shadowbox frame to really get a sense of the texture….


I like the way it looks and I may continue to add to the wall if I ever come across more beaded sari styled fabric. I will say this makes me want to paint the wall a charcoal gray so the jeweled tones of the fabric can pop!


Finally I used a pillow insert to stuff the other beaded pillowcase as a toss pillow for the bed. I spent $21 for both pillowcases and the frames were on sale for $4. I felt like I shopped my own home as I’ve had these for a while now. So if you have frames laying around and additional fabric samples, a scarf or tablecloth…don’t be afraid to cut it up and repurpose it as artwork.

{Images via me and my Galaxy S3 which will upgraded to the S5 this week}

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